About the Anthropology Program:

Anthropology is a broad-based discipline because it is the study of everything about human beings--past civilizations, living people throughout the world, human biology and behavior, and language.  The major subfields of anthropology reflect these topics:  archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.  Specific areas of interest that are explored in depth within our program include topics such as border health issues, food, folk healing, social movements, political anthropology, visual anthropology, sexuality, race, prehistoric archaeology and Spanish colonial archaeology.

The anthropology faculty members welcome all students to our Anthropology Program at UTPA.  This program offers both a major and a minor in anthropology as well as an interdisciplinary masters degree through the Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies program (MAIS). 

Students trained in our program will acquire oral and written communication skills, research skills, and "people" skills which qualify them well for careers in international business, government, politics, criminal justice, social work, and medicine or other health-related professions (See Useful Links). 

To major in anthropology, a student must take 36 hours of anthropology courses, 24 of which must be at the advanced (3000 and 4000) level.  These courses must include:

ANTH 1323 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1324 Human Evolution
ANTH 1342 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 1353 Introduction to Folklore
ANTH 4345 Anthropological Theory and Methodology

To fill out the remaining courses in the major, a student can concentrate in one or more of these areas that are the expertise of our faculty members--archaeology, cultural anthropology, and folklore (See Profiles, Research).  As part of several of our courses, students spend time outside the classroom in settings such as local museums and archives, the Gladys Porter Zoo, the Border Studies Archive, and archaeological sites (See Border Studies Archive and CHAPS, Research, Course Offerings and Schedule).

To pursue an MAIS degree with a concentration in anthropology, a student must take 36 masters (6000 and 7000) level courses.  Eighteen of those hours must be in anthropology, including ANTH 6345 Anthropological Theory and Methodology.

The remaining 18 hours must be taken in two different disciplines, 9 hours in each discipline.  The choice of these other disciplines is up to the individual student.  The MAIS degree includes both a thesis and non-thesis option.

The UTPA Anthropology Program also supports an active Anthropology Club as well as a chapter of Lambda Alpha, the Anthropology Honor Society (See Student Organizations).