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Dr. Walter Diaz

Dr. Walter Diaz

Dean of the College, CSBS

Message from the Dean

We live in an era in which it is fashionable to think that the development of new technologies holds the key to solving many, if not most, of society's problems and challenges.  However, close examination of many of these challenges shows that this is frequently not the case.  Why is it that though our capacity to observe and forecast weather has improved greatly over the last decades, we still lose thousands of lives and billions of dollars in property damage to extreme weather events?  Why is it that individuals, families, communities and whole societies continually make decisions and engage in behaviors that are known to be, at best, inefficient and, at worst, self destructive?  These are examples of the kinds of questions that social scientists seek to answer.  By bringing to bear the theories and methodologies of the social sciences on many questions relating to our behavior, we seek to improve our understanding of why we do what we do and to contribute to improving the quality of our lives, both as individuals and as communities.

Students with strong social science backgrounds may find career opportunities in the public, private and non-profit sectors in any area where an understanding of human behavior is useful.  You will find graduates from the social sciences working in fields such as human resources, mental health, advertising, criminal justice, social services, education and research, government and law among many others.  We invite you to explore the many opportunities available to you by navigating through our website and by talking with our faculty and staff who are always willing to advise you about your professional development.

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