UTPA New Teacher Learning Community


The New Teacher learning Community is a research initiative in the College of Education with two primary objectives:

  • To provide a support to new teachers who graduate from our program and facilitate their development in
    the initial phase of their profession.
  • To gain knowledge about meaningful ways of providing support and professional development during the induction into the teaching profession.

As part of the project, this web site contains resources of interest to new early childhood teachers in the Rio Grande Valley. The site is a work in progress and is evolving through the collaboration of the project’s teachers under the direction of the project directors Dr. Alcione N Ostorga and Dr. Martha Jeanne Yanes. Feel free to browse the various sections and resources and make use of them to support your professional efforts. This is your web site. We welcome your constructive criticisms of the value of these resources in supporting your teaching and other professional duties related to the teaching profession.


Dr. Alcione Ostorga

Dr. Alcione Ostorga



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New Teacher Learning Community

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