Department of Health and Kinesiology
October 24, 2016
Dr. Lin Wang
Kinesiology (MS) Program Director
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Department of Health & Kinesiology
Physical Education Complex – HPE I 1.110
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Master of Science in Kinesiology

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long do most students take to graduate from this program?

    Most students take 2-3 courses each regular semester and 1-2 during summer time. That makes the completion of the degree 2-3 years.

  2. Do students pursue the thesis route?

    It’s strongly recommend that our graduate students use Thesis I & II to build up their professional and research experience. Consider it as a project that you will be able to apply all knowledge learned. Many students who completed the thesis found the process to be very inspiring and went on to get their doctoral degree.

  3. Are there orientations/trainings that help to guide through the registration process of the UT Online Consortium?

    Meetings can be scheduled with the graduate program advisor so students can get familiar with the online registration process. 1-888-Texas-16 (toll free) is the supporting resource for any questions a student may have for the UT System Online Consortium.

  4. How are mentoring and advising relationship established? Are advisors assigned?

    Advisors are assigned to students accepted into the program. Advisors from the UTPA Health & Kinesiology Department are here to help you at any point of your degree seeking process. Contact your advisor as soon as possible after your acceptance into the program. Ask any questions you may have. Alert any condition to your advisor that you would to the instructor of a course during your course taking. Do not wait till the end of the semester.

  5. I am not familiar with online learning. How will I be successful in obtaining this degree?

    More online classes have become the trend due to a lot advantages this format of delivery offers in higher education. Online learning is new and could be quite different from the experiences you have had before. First, embrace the experience with a positive attitude; Then figure out the necessary skills, such as time management, effective communication; planning, etc. that you need to have to become successful at (most teachers will promote your interaction with fellow classmates so you ask your peers the question); initiate your interaction with the instructor as early as possible and continue the interaction throughout the semester; Ask any questions when they come up, do not wait till the last minute.


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