Department of Health and Kinesiology
October 24, 2016
Dr. Lin Wang
Kinesiology (MS) Program Director
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Department of Health & Kinesiology
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Master of Science in Kinesiology

Degree Plan


Traditional and Online Kinesiology* have similar curriculums. Students must complete 36 hours of coursework. Core (12 hours) + Electives (24 hours) = 36 hours

Course No. Abbreviated Course Name
Kinesiology Core
KIN 6301 History & Philosophy of Kinesiology
KIN 6302 Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 6303 Applied Test & Measurements (Statistics) in Kinesiology
KIN 6404 Scientific Foundations of Kinesiology
Kinesiology Electives
Out of the electives, a student needs to choose from completing 6 hours of thesis or 3 hours of independent study and another course
KIN 6304 Reading Instruction within the Context of RTI
KIN 5313 Workshop in Kinesiology1
KIN 5351 Kinesiology Curriculum for the Handicapped Student2
KIN 5357 Health Seminar
KIN 6305 Curriculum Construction in Kinesiology
KIN 6306 Planning and Use of Facilities for Kinesiology
KIN 6307 Psychology of Motor Learning
KIN 6308 Current Readings in Kinesiology
KIN 6310 Organization and Administration of Sport Programs
KIN 6311 Legal Issues in Sport
KIN 6312 Governing Agencies for Sport
KIN 6313 Ethics in Sport
KIN 6319 Internship in Sport
KIN 6320 Independent Research2
KIN 6321 Kinesiology Internship
KIN 6330 Issues in Adapted Physical Activity
KIN 6331 Including Students with Disabilities in Regular Physical Education
KIN 6332 Special Techniques of Motor Assessment for Individuals with Disabilities
KIN 6333 Advanced Sports and Activities for Individuals with Disabilities
KIN 6340 Advanced Biomechanics
KIN 6350 Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 7300 Thesis
KIN7301 Thesis

112 hours of graduate coursework & approval from program director is required
2Approval from program director is required

*Online Kinesiology students must complete the required core courses. Electives will be different since the online consortium offers different courses. It is still required that you complete 24 hours of electives. Feel free to view the Course Inventory and Course Schedule for the online program.

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