Progam Description

The Educational Leadership Doctoral Program is UTPA's commitment to provide educational leaders with the skills to make schools better places for children, youth, and adults of all ages. The program leads to a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership emphasizing preparation for careers in a variety of educational settings: K-12, community college, or university. The program is uniquely oriented toward the application of theory and knowledge derived from researching practical problems.

The program of study, research, and field practice include formal courses, independent study, internships, and continuing dialogue with faculty, practitioners, and cohort colleagues. The program is planned to accommodate those working full-time in professional positions. Although full-time doctoral work is encouraged.

The sequence of study consists of completing the required research-and-core coursework before being eligible to take the comprehensive examination. Thereafter, students will be completing specialization, elective-and-elective core coursework, proposing research, and completing a dissertation. In all, students must cumulate a minimum of 63 credit hours of predetermined and planned coursework, and 6 credit hours of dissertation research and writing.

Specialization or concentration areas include, but are not limited to superintendency, principalship, higher education administration, bilingual education, reading, research, etc.