Department of Educational Psychology

Special Education (Undergraduate)

Mission Statement:
The Special Education Program is designed to prepare undergraduate students to teach individuals with disabilities from diverse socioeconomic, sociocultural and linguistic backgrounds in the South Texas Region, Southwestern United States, and United States. Admission Applications for the College of Education (COE) may be picked up outside the Office of Admission to Teacher Education & Certification COE office #139.

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-Undergraduate special education is a SPECIALIZATION (minor) at UTPA;


- the MAJOR is Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6);

                  *teaching opportunities include REGULAR education (ec-6)  OR  SPED (ec-12)


-the UNDERGRADUATE special education program degree plan is 127 hours


-there is a DAY program and an EVENING program available


-education courses (EDCI, READ, and SPED) courses are taken in BLOCKS (semesters);

*day program has 4 blocks (12 hrs each block and internship)

*evening program has 5 blocks (9 hrs each block and internship)


-blocks require ADMISSION INTO THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION which includes:

                  *appropriate THEA/TASP or Accuplacer scores (see COE admissions office 1.302)

                  *2.5 core GPA on degree plan

                  *2.5 overall GPA on degree plan

                  *must be core complete

                  *must have EMAT 2306 and EMAT 2307 (C or better)

                  *must complete 54 hrs on degree plan, minimum

                  *must have pre-blocks complete (EDCI 3330, SPED 3320,SPED 3322)






-BLOCK classes are EDCI, READ, AND SPED classes (except pre-block courses)


-PREBLOCK courses are EDCI 3330, SPED 3320,SPED 3322


-there are 8 classes not in blocks (EMAT 2308, BIOL 2403, SCIE 4370, BIOL 2406, GEOL 1401, HIST 3330, MUS 3311, and ENG 4321/4326/or3325)

*these classes may be taken BEFORE the blocks (strongly recommended to have 5 out of 8 complete before the blocks)



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Undergraduate Special Education Coordinator:

Mrs. Julie Pecina – office EDCC 1.632-  956-665-7352 (office)  956-358-1976 (cell)

Mrs. Pecina is also the sponsor for the Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) at UTPA. For more information on SCEC go to the following website