Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Cynthia Wimberly
LPC Coordinator
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Department of Educational Psychology
Education Complex- EDUC 1.302
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Guidance and Counseling (Licensed Professional Counselor Track)

Degree Requirements

    Students desiring to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, (not work in the Public School system as a Certified School Counselor) may apply for admission to the LPC Track only.
  • Licensure Professional Licensure Track
  • Licensure Eligible: 60 hours
  • EPSY 6358 Introduction to Research
  • EPSY 6350 Introduction to Statistics: required
  • EPSY 6360 Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
  • EPSY 6362 Personal and Social Development
  • EPSY 6363 Theories of Counseling
  • EPSY 6364 Methods and Techniques of Counseling
  • EPSY 6365 Group Counseling
  • EPSY 6366 Life and Career Development Theories
  • EPSY 6367 Assessment in Counseling
  • EPSY 6390 Human Growth and Development
  • EPSY 6391 Cultural Diversity in Counseling
  • EPSY 6396 6392 Advanced Methods and Techniques
  • EPSY 6393 Marriage and Family
  • EPSY 6394 Advanced Group Counseling
  • EPSY 6305 Advanced Studies in Psychopathology of Child/Adolescents
  • EPSY 7352 Psychotherapy for Children/Adolescents
  • EPSY 6395 Advanced Studies in Mental Disorders
  • EPSY 6368 Practicum I
  • EPSY 6369 Practicum II
  • EPSY 6392 Practicum III
    Total: 60 hours

State Requirements for Licensure in Texas

  • A Master’s Degree in Counseling or related field on at least master’s level
  • A planned graduate program in counseling or related field of at least 48 semester hours
  • Applicant’s must also have a supervised practicum experience that is primarily professional counseling in nature of at least 300 clock-hours which were a part of the required planned graduate program.
  • Successful completion of the National Counselor’s Exam (NCE).
  • Successful completion of the Jurisprudence Exam.
  • Completion of 3000 hours of supervised experience after the completion of the required coursework, the NCE, and the Jurisprudence exam.
  • Completion of UTPA coursework that satisfy the Board Examination Curriculum areas, as follows:
    • Normal and Human Growth Development
    • Abnormal Human Behavior
    • Appraisal or Assessment Techniques
    • Counseling Theories
    • Counseling Methods and Techniques
    • Group Dynamics---Theories and Techniques
    • Research
    • Life Style and Career Development
    • Social, Culture, and Family Issues
    • Professional Orientation
    • Practicum (300 clock-hours)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the LPC Program Coordinator, Dr. Cynthia Wimberly at 956-665-3464 or at his email address

For current regulations governing LPC requirements, consult the State Board at: