Department of Educational Psychology

Master of Education in Guidance and

Counseling, School Counseling Certification

The Guidance and Counseling program is designed to prepare highly competent counseling professionals who can respond to the life span mental health needs of a multicultural community. The Master of Education degree in Guidance and Counseling offers two plans of studies that prepare students for certification and/or national and state licensure.

School Counselor Certification Track

Upon completion of the School Counselor Certification Track the counselor is prepared to be an integral part of the academic services in public schools, trained to facilitate the growth and learning of students by providing services in guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and systems support. The counselor also provides direct services to students as a counselor; and coordinates services with programs and agencies within the school and in the community.

Counseling Scholarships

Visit the counseling scholarships directory on the Counseling Degree website:

Use this directory of counseling scholarships to find funding opportunities that fit your counseling program and your unique situation. The directory has a tool for searching for scholarships by enrollment level, so whether you are just starting your bachelor’s degree in counseling at a traditional university or attending a graduate online counseling program, you can find funding opportunities that fit your situation. Use the state and school search fields to find scholarships that target students in your state or those available at your school of choice, or to help you choose a counseling school. If you are just starting your program, search for renewable scholarships, which provide funding year after year. On the other hand, if you have been in your program for some time, search by minimum required GPA to find the scholarships for which your current academic standing qualifies. Lastly, search by ethnicity to find scholarships targeted at students of your ethnic background.

Top Counseling Careers

Visit the counseling careers webpage on the Counseling Degree website for descriptions of different career opportunities by a variety of characteristics, ensuring you find one that is best fit for your interests.

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