Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Cheryl Fielding, Ph.D., BCBA
Educational Diagnostician Coordinator
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Department of Educational Psychology
Education Complex- EDUC 1.302
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Educational Diagnostician (M.Ed.)

Program Overview/Accolades


The educational diagnostician works within the special education department in public school systems and is the professional who is primarily responsible for conducting and coordinating the initial full individual evaluation of students suspected of having a disability. Educational diagnosticians also conduct and coordinate re-evaluations of students currently receiving special education and related services. This program prepares the prospective education diagnostician to conduct full individual evaluations and compose written reports.

Students in the program are prepared to:

  • interpret the results of evaluation data to parents and other professionals.
  • work with the multidisciplinary team to plan and incorporate appropriate teaching methods, materials and mastery level into the individual education plans of students with disabilities.
  • assist public schools by possessing knowledge of compliance issues regarding federal and state laws, rules and regulations that affect students with disabilities.
  • understand the importance of the child-centered process in all aspects of education.

Why a Master’s of Education in Educational Diagnostician? We have the EXPERTS!

  • Educational Diagnostician faculty Dr. Fielding was awarded…
    • UTPA Office of the Provost Award in International Studies (2006)
    • UTPA College of Education Distinguished Teaching Award (2011)
    • UTPA University Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching (2012)

Time to Degree: Depends on number of courses taken per semester; Average time is 3 years

Total Credit Hours: 45 hours

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