The College Council of the College of Education (COE), The University of Texas Pan American (UTPA), through the College Council By-Laws, provides the organization, structure, and procedures by which and through which they function. The College Council is the official voice of faculty from the COE and will be closely involved in advising the dean on policy matters at the college level. Through this voice, the College Council will strive to create a healthy and robust academic environment through dialogue that supports teaching, learning, research, and general productivity and development of its faculty.


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Dr. Diana Ruiz
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Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the College Council of the College of Education (COE) is to employ a shared decision-making and an assets-based framework through which it identifies the assets within the COE and participates in the development of those assets. Read More >>

Rights and Responsibilities
for Shared Governance

Faculty has a duty to share in the rights and responsibilities of governance and administration of the college. These rights and responsibilities include making recommendations to the Dean of the College of Education regarding but not limited to... Read More >>