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Reservations for MAGC 2.412

To reserve room MAGC 2.412 with the Center of Excellence in STEM Education, please

complete the information below regarding dates, times, equipment usage, and the maximum attendance.

Please check the Instructional Resources available for the equipment at the C-STEM.


- a Smart Board

- 50 3D Glasses

- 15 Laptops

- an iPad

- Mondopad

- Document Scanner

- Pen Tablet


The room has 3 tables that sit 30 individuals plus additional

chairs to accommodate a total of 50 individuals.

Comment Box

** In the "Comment" box, please include the name and purpose of the event

and the equipment you are requesting so that it can be set up prior to your visit.**

After the information below has been completed, please click the "Continue" button, and the system will

ask for your contact information. An email will be sent shortly to you to confirm the reservation. Thank you.