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Activity II

Faculty Development

Program Activity Director: Dr. Arturo Fuentes

The Faculty Development Program focuses on the professional development of faculty in the teaching pedagogy of Challenge-Based Instruction (CBI) techniques. This plan includes a series of training workshops and mentoring workdays for STEM faculty that will bring the latest research in effective educational methods to a large number of Hispanic and low-income students in South Texas, therefore delivering course content successfully.

Dr. Arturo Fuentes oversees the implementation of the program together with a team of UTPA faculty who use CBI techniques in their courses. The workshop presenters-instrumental in the development and promotion of CBI at the national level- consist of a team of faculty and staff from Vanderbilt University led by T. Harris, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and A. H. Harris, Ph.D., Director of Educational Programs of VaNTH ERC at Vanderbilt University.

The objectives and goals for Activity II are: A. To increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of STEM majors in South Texas as the result of introducing CBI into a broad spectrum of STEM courses. B. To provide STEM faculty in South Texas with training in CBI instructional methods that positively impacts the delivery of course content to STEM majors. C. To provide a structured mentoring environment for STEM faculty where best practices and resources in CBI are shared for course development. D. To encourage and support widespread faculty development of STEM course content (based on the use of DoD relevant applications) through activity participant stipends and access to development resources and activities.

Visit the Challenge-Based Instruction Wikiversity website that has a compilation of curricular content developed for STEM courses.


Below are the CBI events scheduled to take place in the following years:


Term University
Fall 2011 UTPA
Spring 2012 UT-Brownsville
Fall 2012 TAMIU
Spring 2013 TAMU-Corpus Christi
Fall 2013 UTPA
Spring 2014 UT-Brownsville
Fall 2014 TAMIU
Spring 2015 TAMU-Corpus Christi

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