Manufacturing Engineering

What is MANE?

Manufacturing engineering, also known as Industrial Engineering or Systems Engineering, deals with innovation, production, manufacturing, and service systems. Manufacturing engineering focuses on engineering design, manufacturing processes and materials, and the management and control of man-made systems.

All products from aircraft and automobiles to computers and toys must be manufactured. Manufacturing engineering encompasses the science and art of making quality products at a reasonable cost. It is a multidisciplinary field including elements of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science and electrical engineering. The core areas of manufacturing engineering include manufacturing processes, planning, quality control, tool design, robotics, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing.

Manufacturing engineers design the process that makes the product. They must be familiar enough with the various production methods like metal cutting, forming, assembly, inspection and testing in order to plan the process and conduct research to identify the best operating conditions. They may design special tools and machines and make innovations to improve existing production methods. They determine the work standards and synchronize manufacturing operations to ensure smooth progress of the parts and materials, from receiving to shipping. They must integrate the facilities, people and equipment into a system that produces quality products efficiently.