Manufacturing Engineering



The department of manufacturing engineering holds teaching labs equipped with cutting edge high tech equipment and instruments. The labs allows student obtain not only theories, but also and more importantly practical first-hand experiences. The department owns following teaching labs:

Manufacturing Process Lab

This laboratory course provides hands on experience in several the manufacturing processes. Experiments are conducted to understand physical principles underlying the equipment and processes. The student will make graphical and written reports on the experiments.

The students will have hands on experience in conducting experiments in order to obtain a better understanding of commonly used manufacturing processes. The student will conduct experiments to explore the effect of changing production parameters.


This course covers design computer integrated manufacturing systems by using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), CNC machines, sensors, robotics, and computer control processes. Today, computer-aided manufacturing systems have been widely used from automobile to food industries. It is essential to understand what is CAM and how CAM is implemented. This course covers manufacturing systems including automated systems and the integration of various devices. Also, extensive programming of programmable logic controller will be covered.

Senior Design

Senior Design project class is a two semesters long (6 credits) capstone course where students integrate most of the undergraduate course materials they learn in their major to solve a real life engineering problem. Students work in a team from the same major or different majors to get the experience of team work as In real world manufacturing industries. Student teams make weekly presentations and write a comprehensive report.

Students can expect from the course the following: i) how to solve a real life engineering problem, ii) work with others in a team, iii) communicate their work to others in the team and management, and iv) write a technical report which includes design methodology, three dimensional drawing of the product designed, detailed analysis of their design, cost analysis and return on investment.

Students have the option of building a prototype of their design or make a model using rapid prototype manufacturing process and analyze using advance engineering software. Students have access to equipment in manufacturing processes lab, machine shop and computers with advances software in the COECS.

Research Centers

Faculty Research Labs The faculty members of manufacturing engineer department conduct research in manufacturing systems, manufacturing processes, decision theory, systems engineering, sustainable manufacturing, supply chain, product development and innovation, and manufacturing processes. The department runs following research center and labs:

  1. Rapid Response Manufacturing Center

    Initiated by the Manufacturing Engineering Department, Rapid Response Manufacturing Center (RRMC) is a UTPA university center devoted to research and talent development in rapid response manufacturing. Rapid Response Manufacturing involves technologies, management, and systems that significantly improve the speed to market of new and refreshed products, speed in response to customer needs, and demand for customized products at mass produced prices and quick delivery time. RRMC provide excellent opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students early industrial experiences, research, and professional training. For more information visit the Rapid Response Manufacturing Center website.

  2. Reverse Engineering Lab
  3. Sustainable Engineering Lab
  4. Quality Research Lab
  5. TMAC