Manufacturing Engineering

Master's of Science in Engineering Managment

The MS in Engineering Management program focuses on skills and expertise to help the graduate manage other engineers and personnel in technical or production environment. The MS in Engineering Management requires five courses as “core” courses in the Engineering Management Curriculum. These courses include:

  • MANE 6304 Industrial Cost Analysis
  • MANE 6319 Quality Management Systems
  • MANE 6340 Operations Research and Analysis*
  • MANE 6345 Engineering Management
  • MANE 6380 Engineering Project Management

* This required course may be omitted and another MANE course taken, if an undergraduate course in Operations Research has been successfully completed.

All of the required courses and some of the elective courses are available as online courses. This technically permits completion of the degree totally through distance learning using the internet. These online courses can be taken using the internet from any location, but there are limitations with regard to online course attendance for international students. The result is for many the degree can be completed while in entirely a distance learning situation.

In addition to these courses, elective courses in the MANE area may be taken to complete the degree. Further, up to four approved elective courses may be taken from other areas of engineering and the sciences as well as Business College courses. The student is free to choose between a thesis, a report option, or a course work only option. The degree requires 30 hours of graduate work for thesis students, and 36 hours of course work and project work for the other degree options. The plan of study for the MS in Engineering Management is used to plan the graduate program with the student’s advisor.

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Both the MS in Manufacturing Engineering and MS in Engineering Management allow for a concentration in Systems Engineering. To complete a concentration in Systems Engineering the student must complete the required courses for their respective degree and complete all electives in the Systems Engineering area. Courses required for the Systems Engineering Concentration are listed in the catalog and on the following flyer. Limited substitution of courses is available based on circumstances. It is recommended that the department graduate coordinator be consulted regarding these substitutions.

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