Manufacturing Engineering

About Us

Manufacturing engineering deals with production, manufacturing, and service systems. Manufacturing engineering focuses on engineering design, manufacturing processes and materials, and the management and control of man-made systems.

The Manufacturing Engineering program provides a unique and high quality engineering education to prepare students for innovation, creativity, leadership and success. As a student in Manufacturing Engineering, you will learn product design and innovation using cutting edge 3-D modeling tools and computers, control the high-tech machine tools including robotics that make the product, apply system theory, quality control and optimization to manage the production and service system, and compete in the global environment. Our curriculum also gives students the special opportunity of working in virtual distributed global teams on practical industrial problems. This valuable experience brings students unique skills that are in great demand by employers.

Manufacturing engineers get jobs as product development engineers, production engineers, supply chain managers, operations analysts, quality engineers and information system specialists. They work for any business, company, governmental agency, or service oriented enterprise that wants to improve operations and reduce costs through innovations.