Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Mandatory Advisement

Overview - Advising Holds

The purpose of the Advisement Hold system is to ensure that students appear for academic advising each Fall/Spring semester. You will Not be able to register for the upcoming semester until your hold is removed. Academic advising is intended to make sure that students have up to date information about degree plans, are informed about their choice of major, and are taking the correct courses toward that major. In the case of engineering students, advising is also required to fulfill the requirements of ABET accreditation. Advising is absolutely mandatory for engineering undergraduates.

October 13, 2014 - October 31, 2014

  1. Identify your advisor. See table below.
    Classification Last Digit of
    Student ID
    Advisor Email Building Office
    First Semester Transfers ONLY - Dr. Anderson ASB 1.201
    Freshmen 00-49 Ms. Ramirez ENGR 3.216
    50-99 Mr. Potter ENGR 3.216
    00-24 Dr. Vu ASB 1.207
    25-49 Dr. Mahmoud ASB 1.206
    50-74 Dr. Ho ASB 1.204
    75-99 Dr. Azarbayejani ASB 1.203
    Senior NOT graduating by
    Spring 2015
    - Mr. Vidal ASB 1.208
    Senior graduating by
    Spring 2015
    - Dr. Anderson ASB 1.201

    1. Schedule an appointment online at
    2. Show up on time and prepared.  Transfer students should bring copies of transcripts for all your previous college work. (Unofficial or personal copies are acceptable for advising purposes.)

    GET ADVISED, GET REGISTERED, GET ON WAITLIST (if space not available)

    Registration Schedule

    • October 27th – Graduate Students, Honors and Deans’ list students, disability services clientele, veterans, and student athletes
    • October 29th – Seniors
    • October 31st – Juniors
    • November 4th – Sophomores
    • November 10th – Freshmen and others

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