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What is Civil Engineering
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What is Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is providing the conveniences required for modern civilization.   Civil engineers conceive, design and oversee the construction of public works; facilities that promote and sustain the development of society and civilization.  They are the masterminds behind systems for water, structures, transportation and electricity.   The Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, Sear’s Tower and Golden Gate Bridge are a few examples of landmark civil engineering projects that provide transportation, flood control, water and electric power to society.  You don’t have to travel the world to see a civil engineering feat; their work is evident in every aspect of modern life.  Clean water is available to drink at the turn of a tap and electricity to power lights and computers at the flick of a switch.  The facilities to treat millions of gallons a day of drinking water and waste water, to control storm water drainage, the roads that allow you to comfortably travel from home to work or school, the airports that make it possible for you to be virtually anywhere in the world tomorrow are in every village, town and city.  Civil engineers plan for the growth of communities, the preservation of our environment, and the well being of mankind.  Civil engineers impact the lives people.

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Civil Engineering

Top 100 rank: 6
Sector: Construction, Architecture, Engineering

What they do: Design and supervise the creation of highways, bridges, sewer and water systems, power plants, and the like. Huge projects in countries like China and India are creating a shortage of qualified local engineers, bolstering demand for U.S. talent. America's own infrastructure is in desperate need of an overhaul.

What's to like: What's perhaps most satisfying for engineers is the tangible legacy they leave. "My son and grandson will be able to see how I left my mark on the world," says Tajudeen Bakare, 52, of CT Consultants, who has designed major bridge and highway improvements in the Columbus area. You can find jobs no matter what kind of community you prefer, from big cities to small towns.

Requirements: A bachelor's in civil engineering and a state license. Specialty jobs like structural engineer often require a master's.

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