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Dr. Javier Kypuros jump-starts studentsí learning through interactive, tech-savvy initiatives

Dr. Javier Kypurosí enthusiasm for hot rods boosted his interest in becoming a mechanical engineer but it was an educator who inspired him to turn his passion into teaching.


Dr. Laura Grabowski

Inspiring Joy in Learning: Dr. Laura Grabowski strives to make computer science more relatable to students

A self-professed geek, Dr. Laura Grabowski said she has had a fascination with science and technology since she was a child.



$1.66M NSF grant will help boost graduation rates in engineering and science

The University of Texas Pan-American received $1.66 million grant from the National Science Foundation to help more students graduate with degrees in engineering and computer science.


Dr. Miguel Gonzalez named Dean of The College of Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Miguel Gonzalez, who was been a faculty member since 1998, when the engineering program was still just a department, was named dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.



UTPA Student develops "personal drone" project

Roger Pecina, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, along with his collaborative team of five electrical, mechanical and computer engineering students build and redesign quadcopter drones with the aspirations of turning this project into a company, they plan on selling personal drones that will one day fly, drive and obey the needs of their owner



UTPA engineering students named Semi-Finalist in National Geothermal Student Competition

The 2014 National Geothermal Student Competition (GSC), sponsored by the Geothermal Technologies Office in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), recognized The University of Texas-Pan American as one of its top three semi-finalists in May 2014. The competition seeks to engage college and university students in its goal of advancing the development of geothermal as a domestic clean energy resource. This year's theme for the Geothermal Student Competition was GeoEnergy is Beautiful 2014.

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