Curriculum and Instruction

United Together Caring Adults Reaching Early Childhood Students (UTCARES)

This organization advocates for the well being of young children by providing experiences that promote their social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. Download our Brochure.


1. Improve the quality of educational experiences for all young children and their families through community involving projects.

2. Facilitate professional development opportunities for all members by attending educational conferences and workshops and recruiting professional speakers.

3. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with the community by assisting various programs that provide for the needs of young children.

Early Childhood, the marvelous years from birth through age eight, is truly where our future begins. For young children, each moment is an opportunity to learn more about the world, practice social skills, and gain critical thinking skills and knowledge. -NAEYC, 1999

How to Join UTCARES

Contact our chapter advisor, Dr. Isela Almaguer (, 956.665.3605) or Dr. Irasema S. González (, 956.665.7224), for information on joining UTCARES.

Student Organization Logo

Please download the official UTCARES logo files by clicking here for use in event announcements.

Social Networks

Visit us at our Facebook page and view our past and upcoming events. You can also view our event photo collection on Flickr.


Volunteering at the Food Bank RGV UTPA Education Week