Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate Programs in Curriculum and Instruction

Your growth as an educator doesn't end when you receive your undergraduate degree! The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers six graduate programs to help you continue your professional development. For more information, click on the name of the program you are interested in.

Participants explore practical and theoretical aspects of teaching reading K-12. The program can lead toward certification as a Reading Specialist. Program Coordinator: Dr. Janine M. Schall (956-665-5227;

The program develops master teachers who can become change agents in schools that are committed to equal educational opportunities for bilingual students. Program Coordinator: Dr. Joy Esquierdo (956-665-3605;

Whether you are in a self-contained classroom or a specific content area, learn more about the art and science of teaching elementary school. Courses are available in mathematics and science education. Program Coordinator: Dr. Martha Tevis (956-665-3434;

The program includes opportunities in research, curriculum, technology, measurement, and philosophy combined with a 12-18 hour content area program and an optional thesis. Program Coordinator: Dr. Martha Tevis (956-665-3434;

The program in Early Childhood Education is for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge of children ages birth to age 8.  Program Coordinator: Dr. Hilda Medrano (956-665-3629;

The 18 hour program allows participants to take the state Master Reading Teacher Exam in order to become certified Master Reading Teachers. Program Coordinator: Dr. Janine M. Schall (956-665-5227;