Curriculum and Instruction

About Us

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Our faculty members have expertise in a variety of educational areas, including bilingual education, biliteracy, reading, early childhood, educational technology, math and science education, social studies education, and K-12 pedagogy.

At the undergraduate level, students can pursue initial teacher certification in the following areas: EC-6 Bilingual Generalist, EC-6 Generalist, and the EC-6 Special Education Generalist. Students can also earn a degree in Early Care and Early Childhood education.

At the graduate level, students can pursue a Master's degree in Reading and Literacy,
Bilingual Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Early Childhood Education. Students can also pursue certification as a Reading Specialist or a Master Reading Teacher.


Our Department mission and goals are closely aligned with those of the University and College
of Education. Our mission is to create pathways and opportunities for students who want to become effective and visionary educators; to facilitate and support our students’ mission to educate the next generation of leaders with the similar vitality and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Additionally, we recognize the value of educational research and accordingly, support the research efforts of faculty and students in an effort to create a stimulating, caring, and respectful environment for learning and advancing new knowledge.

Our Goals

1. To provide students with a world-class programs that enable them to become knowledgeable, effective, creative, and innovative leaders , educators, and advocates for their students;

2. To facilitate our students in successfully completing their degrees and certification requirements in a timely manner;

3. To build partnerships with schools that enable productive relationships between and amongst teachers, students, and university faculty in order to advance new knowledge
and understandings through collaboration and research; and

4. To engage in educational research that is poised to make a substantial contribution in
the corresponding academic fields or disciplines.


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction consists of approximately 40 full time faculty positions with a commitment to building a learning community dedicated to collegial program development, shared governance, scholarship, and the preparation of education professionals to serve diverse learning environments.