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Engagement Philosophy

Engagement Objectives

  1. Consistent with UTPA’s strategic plan & COBA’s mission, our engagement activities seek to build a mutually beneficial partnership between the faculty and students of COBA & Rio Grande Valley (RGV) community stakeholders.
  2. Our engagement emphasize leveraging the skills and expertise of COBA’s faculty and students to serve the needs of RGV community stakeholders.
  3. Our engagement activities are aimed at developing a collaborative partnership with RGV community stakeholders that enable them to contribute to the success of COBA’s & UTPA’s mission.
  4. Our engagement activities seek to foster a lasting partnership with RGV community stakeholders in order to contribute to the economic & social development of RGV

Guiding Philosophy

  • We believe in a voluntary, initiative-driven and bottom-up engagement program
  • Community engagement should have a broad & participatory approach. We believe in interdisciplinary partnership within and outside UTPA
  • Community engagement should be a “two-way street”-COBA faculty, students and our partners each play a critical role
  • Community engagement should be outcome-driven