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Where we are going

Small Business Growth Seminar Series

This seminar series is COBA’s annual intensive training workshops for established RGV small businesses. This seminar series is focused on offering local small businesses that seek on growing and expanding their operation. The seminar series is rigorous and based on specific topics that are particularly essential for RGV’s small businesses. The seminar series is offered by COBA’s faculty members with high expertise and are actively researching on these specific topics.

Community-Based Learning (CBL) Project

The purpose of this initiative is to create an on-going partnership between COBA’s students and RGV businesses and other grass root institutions. Specifically, this initiative focuses on creating a service learning opportunities for COBA’s students by identifying pressing organizational and management problems facing these businesses and institutions. In collaboration with local businesses and grass root institutions, COBA’s students identify problems and recommend plausible and practical recommendations to solve these problems.

High School Outreach Initiative

This initiative fosters a collaborative relationship with RGV school districts and specific area high school students. The high school outreach initiative is intended to develop a bridging partnership with high school students in order to increase awareness and interest in business education and future business career options. Under this initiative, high school students will have an opportunity to interact with COBA’s faculty, students and student organizations every year.

Healthcare Outreach Initiative

This initiative is aimed at developing partnership between COBA and RGV health care providers and other supporting institutions. In consultation with local healthcare providers, COBA provides capacity building training and support in the areas of business management. Specific trainings will be offered focusing on improving the efficiency and productivity of healthcare providers in RGV.