College of Business Administration

CoBA Application Process

All business majors should apply for admission to CoBA during the last semester of their sophomore year.

CoBA admission requirements:

  • Completion of general studies (University Core) courses with at least a G.P.A. of 2.0.
  • Completion of 60 degree applicable hours with a minimum of 2.25 GPA, effective Fall 2012.
  • A grade of C or higher in all of the following courses:
    • ACC 2301
    • ACC 2302
    • CIS 1301
    • ECON 2301
    • ECON 2302
    • COMM 1302 or COMM 1303
    • MATH 1342 or QUMT 2342

More Info

» Read more detail admission requirements. Download PDF


How to Apply

Step 2 Return the completed form to:

In person:

C.A.R.I.R. Office
BUSA 120 J


CoBA Admissions
College of Business Administration
The University of Texas-Pan American
1201 W. University Drive, BUSA 120 J
Edinburg, Texas 78539-2999