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Mission:  The Business and Tourism Research Center in the College of Business Administration is part of the University’s community engagement program that designs, conducts and disseminates customized, primary RGV-based research relevant to businesses and communities within the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.
Conducting customized research for organizations about different markets in the Rio Grande Valley is what the Center does. Need to better understand car buyers in the Valley? Mexican Shoppers? or need to identify the best location for a new restaurant? The Center can design and conduct research to address questions such as these to provide information that will better guide business decisions about the Valley markets your business targets.

The most notable markets targeted for study by the Center are Senior winter visitors or "Winter Texans".

 The Winter Texan 2014 Report will be available in July.

2012 Winter Texan Research Sample Data:

Winter Texan Study Methodology

25,000 questionnaires distributed in the Winter Texan Times
January 28, 2012
1443 completed Winter Texan questionnaires 75 RV/Mobile home park questionnaires

Winter Texan Demographics

89% 71 62.2% 89.2% $54,000
Married Years old Some college Retired 1+ years Household income

Valley Stay Characteristics

  • Stayed in the Valley 132 days (4.4 months)
  • Had come for 10.4 years, including this year
  • Reasons for coming to the Valley:
88.6% 66.9% 52.7% 49.7% 38.4%
Climate Friendly people Social activities Winter vacation To visit Mexico