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CBEST Center for Border Economic Studies

For Authors

We publish articles in the areas of resource management (water, land conservation, etc.), entrepreneurship & innovation (practices, leadership, capital, etc.), business functions (finance, accounting, etc.), social capital (networks, movements, etc.), human capital (workforce, education, etc.), political economy (public policy, healthcare, etc.), and economic development (employment, trade, i.e. traditional economic indicators). Articles research/analysis/policy focus needs to be South Texas/Mexico border region. However, we will also publish articles that are of implied importance to the region. The publications readership resides primarily in the Rio Grande Valley (more broadly South Texas) and North Tamaulipas.

We are currently soliciting submission proposals for our next issue.

The Border Business Briefs is a quarterly publication that will have the following release dates and suggested themes:

Release Date Suggested Theme
February 1 Border Economy (trade, manufacturing, immigration, etc.)
May 1 Finance/Insurance (banking, financial literacy, lending, capital, etc.)
August 1 Education (outcomes, resources, service, access, etc.)
November 1 Healthcare (outcomes, resources, service, access, etc.)

The articles need not be theme related. The featured article(s) will be specific to the theme. The issue itself will have a broad scope in coverage. Final submissions must be received at least 1 month before the release date.

The article should be single-space and 1-2 pages long (a little more is ok). The story should be told through numbers, graphs, and figures. In addition, tables and figures should be made to stand-alone. The readers of our publication are primarily community, civic, and business leaders. More broadly, our readers are policy and decision makers. Technical jargon will not go very far. The use of statistical models can be used but it does not need to be spelled out in the article. You can always refer an interested reader to a published or working paper for further reading, support, and/or evidence. The data you do present must make a compelling case.

If you like to contribute to our next issue please contact the editorial office at The completed piece must be received one month before the release date. If a paper needs extensive work it will likely be pushed to the next release date.

Please note that a submission is no guarantee of publication. Your article must meet our relevance, substance, and clarity standards before it appears in print.