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Summer 2015 | Vol. 11 No. 2

We invite you to read our summer Border Business Briefs issue. This issue touches on entrepreneurship, tourism, South Texas’ economy, Mexico and elderly care. Jorge Gonzalez presents an article tying his ongoing research on diversity an inclusion and offers advice to local entrepreneurs. Oscar Ramos presents 10 tips to successfully use of social media. We have two articles that focus on Mexico. Pablo Camacho provides an analysis of Mexico’s tax reform and its effect on prices. Nathaniel Karp summarizes the Mexico’s Energy Reforms and its possible impact on the Texas economy. Abdelhamid Riani and I look at economic activity of South Texas MSAs. In that spirit, Jim Lee evaluates the potential impact that falling oil prices will likely have on South Texas. We also have two articles that touch on the elderly. Penny Simpson summarizes existing research on the effects of poor treatment of the elderly on health outcomes. Jim Limon gives us an overview of laws, politics, and resources of long-term care access and facilities. Finally, this quarter we showcase Valley Talent Virgil Pierce.


On this issue

Inflation?: Increase of value added tax (VAT) effects in Mexican border cities ... P. 8

By Pablo Camacho

Diversity at Work: DOES IT MATTER IN THE VALLEY? ... P. 12

By Jorge Gonzalez

Texas’ Economy And the impact on it by Mexico’s Energy Reform ... P. 14

By Nathaniel Karp

Social Media: 10 tips for online success ... P. 18

By Oscar Ramos

Oil Industry Exposed: The story for Texas—the nation’s top oil producer ... P. 22

By Jim Lee

South Texas keeps pushing ahead ... P. 26

By Abdelhamid Riani and Salvador Contreras

Dr. Virgil Pierce: Creating new formulas for success in math education ... P. 30

The Elderly: Ageism & its effect on their health ... P. 34

By Penny Simpson

Long-Term Care Issue: How does the RGV stack up to other big cities? ... P. 36

By Jim Limon

Mexican Shoppers: How much do they spend in the Rio Grande Valley? ... P. 40

By Adrian Cadena and Eduardo Saucedo

Border Business Briefs

Border Business Briefs is a quarterly publication of the Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) at the University of Texas-Pan American. We publish articles focused on the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and North Tamaulipas. Our narrative is expressed through graphs, tables, and figures. Our publication covers topics in Border Security, Business functions, Economic development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human capital, Immigration, Manufacturing, Resource management, Social capital, and Trade. The articles we publish are research/analysis/policy focused on the needs of South Texas/Mexico border region. However, we will also publish articles that are of implied importance to the region. The Border Business Briefs produces four theme specific issues a year.