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Fall 2014 | Vol. 10 No. 4

This issue features the financial literary challenge, High-Tech industry, and the impact of Winter Texans on the Rio Grande Valley.  Further, this issue presents work by UTPA researchers on neuromarketing and a review on open-source small business financial application  Finally, we showcases “Valley talent” Marie T. Mora winner of the 2014 University of Texas-Pan American Excellence in Service award.


On this issue

The High-Tech Industry in the U.S. ... P. 8

By Orlando Monsivais and Eduardo Saucedo

Apple A Brand in Point ... P. 10

By Yi-Chia Wu

Meeting the Financial Literacy Challenge ... P. 12

By Sara K. Ray and Terrance K. Martin

Meet the UTPA Excellence in Service Award Winner ... P. 14 a Big App for Your Personal Finance and Small Business ... P. 16

By Alejandro Serrano

Winter Texans and The Valley Economy ... P. 18

By Penny Simpson 

Border Business Briefs

Border Business Briefs is a quarterly publication of the Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) at the University of Texas-Pan American. We publish articles focused on the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and North Tamaulipas. Our narrative is expressed through graphs, tables, and figures. Our publication covers topics in Border Security, Business functions, Economic development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human capital, Immigration, Manufacturing, Resource management, Social capital, and Trade. The articles we publish are research/analysis/policy focused on the needs of South Texas/Mexico border region. However, we will also publish articles that are of implied importance to the region. The Border Business Briefs produces four theme specific issues a year.