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Spring 2015 | Vol. 11 No. 1

We invite you to read our spring Border Business Briefs issue. This issue presents an article By Sharon Schembri on the potential opportunities to South Texas entrepreneurs in focusing at Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey (MINT’s). Adam Walke and Thomas Fullerton provide an analysis of the cost of time lost at our nations borders due to heightened security following 9/11. Jose Clemente and I produce tax revenue growth rates and employment trends pre/post 2008 recession for RGV communities and large cities in South Texas. Monica Hernandez analyzes Mexican shopper behavior. Abdelhamid Riani and I explore patterns in hotel rates in selected South Texas cities. Jim Lee’s article focuses on entrepreneurial challenges in border cities. Finally, this quarter we showcase Valley Talent Karen Lozano.


On this issue

Mexico Indonesia Nigeria Turkey: Emerging Economy ... P. 8

By Sharon Schembri

The Cost of Terror: Trade tribulations post 9/11 ... P. 10

By Adam G. Walke and Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr.

Getting a Cut: Local Municipalities See Upward Trend in Sales and Use Tax Revenues ... P. 16

By Jose Clemente and Salvador Contreras

Entrepreneurial Challenges among border cities ... P. 20

By Jim Lee

Shopping Behavior ... P. 22

By Monica Hernandez

Where the jobs are in South Texas ... P. 24

By Jose Clemente and Salvador Contreras

Book it: Hotel Revenues are up at RGV cities ... P. 28

By Abdelhamid Riani and Salvador Contreras

Elevating engineering research for knowledge’s sake ... P. 32

Border Business Briefs

Border Business Briefs is a quarterly publication of the Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) at the University of Texas-Pan American. We publish articles focused on the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and North Tamaulipas. Our narrative is expressed through graphs, tables, and figures. Our publication covers topics in Border Security, Business functions, Economic development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human capital, Immigration, Manufacturing, Resource management, Social capital, and Trade. The articles we publish are research/analysis/policy focused on the needs of South Texas/Mexico border region. However, we will also publish articles that are of implied importance to the region. The Border Business Briefs produces four theme specific issues a year.