Center for Border Economic Studies

CBEST Center for Border Economic Studies

Salvador Contreras, PhD
2014 – Present

Editorial Board

Pablo Camacho, PhD
Texas A&M International University
2014 – Present
Salvador Contreras, PhD
University of Texas-Pan American
2014 – Present
Alberto Davila, PhD
University of Texas Pan American
2014 – Present
Tom Fullerton, PhD
University of Texas at El Paso
2014 – Present
Jim Lee, PhD
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
2014 – Present
Gautam Hazarika, PhD
University of Texas Brownsville
2014 – Present

Advisory Board

Eduardo Caso
Lone Star National Bank
Raudel Garza
Harlingen EDC
Rebecca M. Olaguibel
City of McAllen
Maria Mann
SCIC-Women’s Business Center
Alex Meade
Mission EDC
Fred Sandoval
City of Pharr
Cynthia M. Sakulenzki
RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Joey Treviño
Weslaco EDC

Research Associates

Sergio Béjar López, PhD
Political Science
James W. Boudreau, PhD
Jon Dale
Diego Escobari, PhD
Teresa P Feria, PhD
Jorge A. Gonzalez, PhD
Dave Jackson, PhD
Karen Lozano, PhD
Terrance Martin, PhD
Andre V. Mollick, PhD
John Sargent, PhD
Alejandro Serrano, PhD
Penny Simpson, PhD




CBEST Publications, Contract Services, and Organizational Structure

The mission of the Center for Border Economic Studies is to

  1. Focus on interdisciplinary policy-relevant research in support of sustainable economic development.
  2. Publish articles, monographs, books and reports that examine economic, social and political issues in the border region and make them available to policy-makers, business leaders, government officials, academics, students and border community in order to foster informed decision-making.
  3. Create strategic partnerships with private sector, foundations, government agencies, research scholars, and non-profits to further policy-relevant research that leads to border area economic development.

We address our objectives through two important publications.

Border Business Briefs

Border Business Briefs is a quarterly publication of the Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) at the University of Texas-Pan American. We publish articles focused on the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and North Tamaulipas. Our narrative is expressed through graphs, tables, and figures. Our publication covers topics in Border Security, Business functions, Economic development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human capital, Immigration, Manufacturing, Resource management, Social capital, and Trade. The articles we publish are research/analysis/policy focused on the needs of South Texas/Mexico border region. However, we will also publish articles that are of implied importance to the region. The Border Business Briefs produces four theme specific issues a year.

Annual Business Outlook Forecast

The Business Outlook and Forecast (BOF) is an annual publication that forecasts economic activity in the State of Texas and Border Region. BOF publication produces a set of important economic indicators of future economic activity in the region.

Contract Services

CBEST provides contract services in policy research, survey design, data collection, data research analysis, data interpretation, presentations and reports. These services are performed for a fee. Please contact CBEST for additional information on the contract services we provide.


The structure that makes the operation of CBEST possible has four parts.

  1. Director

    The CBEST Director oversees all personnel and every function of the center’s operations. The Director is responsible for the collection of data, data analysis, publication and dissemination of the center’s work. The director also serves as the Editor in Chief of all CBEST publications.

  2. Editorial Board

    The Editorial Board oversees the center’s publications. The board is responsible for the content, quality, and structure of the publications. The Editorial Board is made up of experts and seasoned researchers who understand South Texas Border economics and social dynamics.

  3. Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board serves the role of helping to shape the scope and focus of the CBEST outreach and engagement activities. The Advisory Board provides a link to CBEST constituency. Their work helps keep the center’s work relevant to policy and decision makers. Members of the Advisory Board are community, business, and civic leaders who understand commerce, trade, and regional development needs.

  4. Research Associates

    Research Associates are individuals who contribute to CBEST mission through their scholarship. Research Associates are responsible for producing and contributing research articles, analysis, and forecasts of Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and North Tamaulipas regions.