College of Business Administration
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Accounting & Business Law

Department of Accounting


Miriam Garcia
Administrative Assistant II
Office: BUSA 220
Dept. 956/665-2406

Ours is a business oriented society and accounting is the language of business. Before you select a major consider the opportunities offered in the fields of accounting and law. A recent survey in Business Week shows accounting firms making up the top three “Best Places to Launch a Career.” An accounting degree is a stepping stone toward becoming a leader in any business community. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I get a good job anywhere in the world with my qualifications?
  2. Can I use my degree to develop a career that I want for my life?
  3. Can I make a “real” difference with my career and receive the financial rewards necessary to do the things I want?
  4. Can my degree lead me into a career where I can play a role in the major decisions affecting my life?

We think the Accounting and Business Law Department offers the programs that would enable you to say yes to these questions. Take a close look at who you want to be and what we can do to help you before you select a major. We offer great programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that will open the doors for you.

For additional information about our programs, please contact us at 956/665-2406.