College of Business Administration
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Management BBA

The BBA in Management is offered through the department of Management, Marketing and International Business. The coursework leading to the BBA degree in Management is classified as follows:

Major Courses 27 hours
Required Courses  
MANA 4361 Organizational Behavior  
MANA 3362 Human Resource Management  
MANA 4364 Societal Problems in Business  
Management Electives    
MANA 3300 Internship in Management  
MANA 3333 Digital Media for Management and Marketing  
MANA 3335 Communication Policy and Strategy  
MANA 3364 Organizational Theory  
MANA 3365 Compensation  
MANA 3366 Recruitment and Selection  
MANA 3367 Organizational Training and Development  
MANA 4300 Topics in Management  
MANA 4364 Societal Problems in Business  
MANA 4366 Small Business Management  
MANA 4365 Quality Management  
MANA 4367 Purchasing and Supply Management  
MANA 4368 Industrial Relations  
MANA 4399 Business Consulting  
INTB 4364 International Management 6 hours
Other Requirements:    
  Core Curriculum Requirements 48 hours
  Business Foundation Courses 20 hours
  Business Core Courses 30 hours
  Upper-Level Electives (With approval of advisor) 12 hours
TOTAL HOURS for simultaneous BBA and MSA degrees: 124 hours