College of Business Administration
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Marisol Guerra
Administrative Assistant II
Office: BUSA 216
Dept. 956/665-3354


2009-2011 Degree Requirements

The BA in Economics (minor required) is offered through the department of Economics and Finance. The coursework leading to the BA degree in Economics is classified as follows:


Major Courses (minor required) 27 hours
Required Courses  
ECON 3341 Econometrics  
ECON 3351 Macroeconomic Theory  
ECON 3352 Microeconomic Theory 9 hours
Economics Electives (Upper Division with approval) 12 hours
Electives (Upper Division with approval) 6 hours
Required Courses  
  Core Curriculum Requirements 43 hours
  Business Foundation Courses 21 hours
  Business Core Courses 30 hours
Total Degree hours: 121 hours