College of Business Administration
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Marisol Guerra
Administrative Assistant II
Office: BUSA 216
Dept. 956/665-3354

Economics & Finance

ECONOMICS BA 2009-2011 Degree Requirements

Required Courses 45 hours
Foundations Courses  
ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics (with grade of “C” or higher)  
COMM 1302 Introduction to Communication or COMM 1303 Presentational Speaking  
POLS 2334 Political Economy  
  QUMT 2341 Elementary Business and Economic Statistics
or MATH/STAT Elementary Statistics and Probability
or SOCI 2301 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
    12 hours
Plus six hours from the following:  
ACC 2301 Introduction to Financial Accounting  
SOCI 1323 Current Social Issues  
PSY 1310 Introduction to Psychology  
ANTH 1323 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  
Any one upper-level POLS course. 3 hours
Upper Level Economics Courses (with grade of “C”or higher)  
ECON 3341 Econometrics  
ECON 3351 Macroeconomic Theory  
ECON 3352 Microeconomic Theory 9 hours
Other Requirements:    
  Upper-level ECON courses 18 hours
  Elective Courses (with approval of advisor) 29 hours
  University Core Curriculum Requirements 43 hours
TOTAL HOURS for simultaneous BBA and MSA degrees: 120 hours