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Nora Ramirez
Administrative Assistant II
Office: MAGC 3.302
Dept. 956/665-3353

Computer Information Systems BBA 2009-2011 Degree Requirements

The BBA in Computer Information Systems is offered through the department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods. The coursework leading to the BBA degree in Computer Information Systems is classified as follows:

Major Courses  
CIS 2301 Business Information Technologies  
CIS 2308 Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic  
CIS 3335 Database Management  
CIS 3336 Systems Analysis  
CIS 3338 Computer Networks  
CIS 4308 IT Project Management 18 hours
Elective Courses  
CIS 3300 Internship in CIS  
CIS 3308 Advanced Business Programming  
CIS 3312 Web System Programming  
CIS 3320 Organization Information Assurance  
CIS 3395 ERP Implementation  
CIS 4312 Application Development for e-Commerce  
CIS 4330 Business Intelligence  
CIS 4336 System Design and Development  
CIS 4391 Business Information Security  
CIS 4395 ERP Customization 9 hours
Other Requirements:    
  Core Curriculum Requirements 43 hours
  Business Foundation Courses 20 hours
  Business Core Courses 30 hours
Total Degree Hours 121 hours

NOTE: A student must attain a GPA of 2.5 or higher in all accounting courses.