UTPA Guitar Festival and Cuadro Flamenco - April 19 to 26, 2014

 The UTPA Guitar Festival will take place April 19-26, 2014. It will feature concerts and workshops of world-renowned guitarists; as well as a guitar competition. The purpose of the UTPA Guitar Festival is to celebrate the guitar and the unique place it holds in the culture of the Rio Grande Valley. The concerts of the distinguished guest artists will showcase guitar artistry at its highest level, the workshops given by these artists create an atmosphere of learning as UTPA students will have the rare opportunity to learn directly from these accomplished guitarists. The guitar competition draws competitors from all across Texas and serves as a means to raise the level of the current guitar students at UTPA and bring national visibility to the guitar program at UTPA.

The performances and workshops provide both inspiration and instruction to our young developing guitarists. Through performing in the competition, students take meaningful steps towards their goals as musicians. By watching others perform, insight is gained into a shared process of achievement. From meeting others who experience wonder and enthusiasm for the near magical realm of music, the desire to explore its possibilities is brightly kindled. The purpose of this event is directed squarely toward the student for these reasons. It is the intent that this event will persist for many years and will invigorate the study and appreciation of music on the guitar to a wide audience of both UTPA students and the community of the Rio Grande Valley.


Dr. Kurt Martinez, Artistic Director

Schedule of Events

April 19
 10:00 am- Guitar Competition

 7:30 pm- UTPA Guitar Competition Winners: Michael Keplinger and Jesus DeLeon

 (Library Auditorium)
 April 21

 7:30 pm Guest Artist Concert- Jose Tanaka, Flamenco Guitar

 (Student Union Theatre)
 April 23 & 24

 7:30 pm Cuadro Flamenco- UTPA Dance Majors accompanied by Guest Artists Jose Tanaka and Vicente Griego

 (Student Union Theatre)
 April 26

 7:30 pm Guest Artist Concert- Paco Navarro, Flamenco Guitar

 (Student Union Theatre)



Guitar Performers