Department of Modern Languages and Literature

French Studies Program

The University of Texas-Pan American offers its students a comprehensive program in French leading to a minor (18 credits), a minor with teacher certification (24 credits) or a major (30 + six credits)

Students coming with two, three or four years of high school French are encouraged to enroll in Beginning II or Intermediate I, and earn up to 12 credits by taking the national advanced placement test.

FREN 1321-1322: Beginning French I and II. These courses are designed for students who have no prior knowledge of French.

FREN 2321-2322: Intermediate French I and II. Grammar review, conversation and writing practice based on selected literary and cultural texts which include an introduction to French speaking countries.

FREN 3321-3322: French Composition I and II. These courses expose students to writing practices and introduce them to advanced syntax and rhetoric.

FREN 3323: Business French. Specifically designed for international business majors, this course introduces students to multiple aspects of French business and economics.

FREN 4321: Introduces literature through literary genres (drama, poetry, novels or essays).

FREN 4322: Survey of French Literature I. Offers students an overview of French literature from the Medieval period until the Enlightenment.  

FREN 4323: Survey of French Literature II. Introduces students to literary masterpieces of the XIXth, XXth and XXst centuries.

FREN 4324: French Civilization I. Explores a historical study of French Culture and Civilization from the Roman Conquest of Gaul  to the French Revolution of 1789.

FREN 4325: French Civilization II. An historical study of French culture and civilization from the French Revolution to the present.

FREN 4331: Theater Practice in French.  Interpretation and performance techniques with   tongue twisters.

FREN 4339: Special Topics. From the field of French language and literature.

FREN 4120: Practicum on Location. UTPA field trips to France or French-speaking countries

Graduate  Courses:

FREN 5321: Masterpiece in French and Francophone Literature.

FREN 6321: French Critical Theory

FREN 6322: French AP. Preparation

French on Campus:

UTPA students have a French Club for those who want to practice the language or undertake cultural varieties — travels, plays, picnics, guest speakers, fund-raising, etc.

Every semester, a French Film Series presents an opportunity to view successes of French cinema. The series is free and open to the public (English subtitles included).

French studies abroad and summer programs:

The University of Michel de Montaigne-Bordeaux (France) hosts a comprehensive exchange program for UTPA students who wish to spend one or two semesters abroad. In addition, every summer French faculty sponsor two programs with the University of Laval in Quebec,program with Paris-Sorbonne. Several scholarships are available for students to help them undertake these incomparable experiences which allow them a total immersion in the French language and culture. Internships are also available.