Philosophy Program

Upcoming Course Offerings (see ASSIST for complete list)

Spring 2015:

PHIL 3301: Perspectives on Science and Mathematics (Gilson)
PHIL 3310: Research Ethics: Biology (Pearson)
PHIL 3320: Symbolic Logic (Gilson)
PHIL 3350: Ancient Philosophy (Harwood)
PHIL 3379: Chicana & Latin American Feminisms (Paccacerqua)
PHIL 3390: Philosopy of Law (Adams)
PHIL 4330: Metaphysics (Saka)
PHIL 4351: Speicial Topics: Ethics & The US Constitution (Jones)
PHIL 4390.01: Special Topics: Materialism (Paccacerqua)
PHIL 4390.02: Special Topics: Women and Religion (Alessandri)

Most lower-division courses are offered each Fall & Spring:
PHIL 1305 Critical Thinking
PHIL 1310 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1321 Introduction to Formal Logic
PHIL 2330 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 2350 Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 2391 Professional Ethics: Biomedical
PHIL 2392 Professional Ethics: Business
PHIL 2393 Professional Ethics: Engineering

Other lower-division courses are typically offered once a year in either Fall or Spring:
PHIL 2370 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 2380 Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
PHIL 2395 Environmental Ethics

Some upper-division courses are offered based upon a set pattern each Fall or Spring:
Each Fall Semester
PHIL 3305 Philosophical Methods
PHIL 3361 History of Philosophy: Modern

Each Spring Semester
PHIL 3359 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL 3390 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 4310 Epistemology (in even-numbered years, e.g., 2012)
OR PHIL 4330 Metaphysics (in odd-numbered years, e.g., 2013)

PHIL 4390 Special Topics and/or PHIL 4391 Special Topics in Latin American Philosophy are typically offered each Fall & Spring.

All other courses are offered less frequently, but usually at least once every 2 years.

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