Philosophy Program
The Gloria E. Anzaldúa Speakers Series in Philosophy

October 9, 2009:
Gregory Pappas, Texas A&M University: “Being in the Border is an Opportunity and Not a Fall from Grace”

November 19, 2009:
Leigh Johnson, Rhodes College: “Heroes, Scapegoats and ‘Good’ Liberals: The Complicated Operations of Race in Post-Obama America”

February 4, 2010:
Shannon Winnubst, Ohio State University: “Queers Have No Passports: On the Floating Borders of Nationalism.”

October 7, 2010: 
Jennifer Suchland, Ohio State University: “Post Cold War Borders: Linking the Postcolonial and Postsocialist”

February 17, 2011:
Christopher Lauer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: “Beauvoir and Nancy on Touching and Borders.”

March 3, 2011:
Mariana Alessandri, Cynthia Paccacerqua, and Alexander Stehn, UTPA: “The Many Borders of the Valley: First Impressions.”

November 8, 2012:
Robin Henderson-Espinoza, University of Denver. “Un estilo mestizaje: Tracing Ethical Intuitions in Anzaldúa.” 

March 21, 2013: 
Jennifer McWeeny, Worcester Polytechnic Institute:  “The Colonial, Catholic Body: Identity and Self-Relation in Mexican and Irish Diasporas.”

November 21 & 22, 2014:
Pedro Di Pietri, University of California, Berkeley:“Loving Sideways/Living Beyond Borders: Decolonizing Space in Xicana and Latina  Feminisims.”
Workshop: “La Jotería: Celebrating Queerness and Latinidad in the 21st Century.”

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