Philosophy Program

Philosophy at UTPA


The Department of History and Philosophy offers a major in Philosophy within the Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a minor in Philosophy. The study of philosophy can serve many useful purposes, but perhaps the most important are:

Training in philosophy helps one think more clearly, more perceptively, and more effectively. Regardless of one's personal and occupational goals, and regardless of the projects in which one is interested, being able to think clearly and effectively about them is important.

Study of philosophy uniquely helps one to better understand and appreciate oneself, the world outside, and how the two are related. One of the deepest human needs is to make sense of life and one's place in it. The satisfaction of that need is the central concern of philosophy.

A major in Philosophy will provide strong preparation for a variety of careers, particularly careers in business, law, public policy, and the ministry, as well as college teaching. A minor in Philosophy will provide excellent support for majors in numerous fields, including history, government, English, psychology, sociology, math and certain areas of science and business administration.


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