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MAS Graduate Courses

List of Eligible MAS Graduate Courses

    • The following is a current list of courses that would fulfill the requirements for the Graduate Studies Certificate.
    • Students would also be able to petition any course with a Mexican American and/or Latino/a focus by producing a syllabus to illustrate this emphasis.
    • Students must meet any departmental pre-requisites before enrolling in the courses.

MASC 6300 Research Methods in Chicana/o Studies* Introduction to the historical and contemporary development of Chicana/o and Latina/o studies as a field. Readings will be drawn from interdisciplinary readings in the field and will focus on history, gender, and culture.

MASC 6390 Special Topics This course is a specifically designed for focused study of a single topic of importance in the field of Chicana/o and/or Latina/o Studies. May be repeated for credit as topic changes. *On Transcript the Special Topic will appear & this is the course that we will initially cross-list with existing coursework*

MASC 6340 Directed Readings A directed study of selected topics in Chicana/o and/or Latina/o Studies. Topics are varied according to availability of faculty and student interest. Course can be repeated once as topic changes. (May be repeated once)

MASC 6350 Learning and Reflective Service: The Mexican American Experience This course will provide students with an experiential learning opportunity in a topic related to social justice in Mexican American communities. Students will gain hands on experience while reflecting on that experience critically through the lenses of Chicana/o and Latina/o studies. The purpose is different from an internship in that the process is geared towards developing a lifelong ethic of service and civic engagement and is not necessarily career or job oriented. (May be repeated once)

MASC 7300 Thesis Course A (Thesis Option Only)* 3 Credit Hours MASC 7301 *Thesis Course B (Thesis Option Only)* 3 Credit Hours


ANTH 6323: Mexican American Culture

ANTH 6338: Music Ethnography and Fieldwork Methods

ANTH 6350: Mexican American Folk Medicine

ANTH 6375: Mexican American Folklore

ARTS 6352: Graduate Seminar III: Topics in Latin American Art prior to A.D. 1521

ARTS 6353: Graduate Seminar IV: Topics in Latin American Art since A.D. 1521

COMM 6352: Media, Race, and Ethnicity EDBE 6322: Bilingual/Multilingual Critical Issues

EDBE 6335: Bilingual Content Area Across the Curriculum

EDUL 6305: Socio-cultural Context of Education

EDUL 6345: School-Community Relations ENGL 6308: Studies in Mexican American Literature

ENGL 6310: Studies in Ethnic Literature ENGL 6390: Special Topics: Chicana/o Poetry and Poetics

ENGL 6390: Special Topics: Chicana/o Literature and Writing for Social Action

HIST 5340: Readings in Latin American History HIST 5345 Readings in Borderlands History

HIST 5350: Readings in Texas/Southwest History (when content MAS) HIST 5355: Readings in Mexican American History

HIST 6325: Research Seminar Borderlands History

HIST 6330: Research Seminar in Latin American History

HIST 6340: Research Seminar in Mexican American History

MASC 6340: Directed Readings in Chicana/o Studies

MASC 6350: Learning and Reflective Experience: The Mexican American Experience

MASC 6390: Special Topics in Chicana/o Studies

MUSI 6335: Music of Greater Mexico

MUSI 6336: History of Border Music and Performance

MUSI 6338: Music Ethnography and Fieldwork of Methods

MUSI 6374: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean

RLIT 6305: Conducting Literacy Research

SOCI 6362: Mexican-American Society

SOCI 6363: Border Studies

SOCI 6365: Society and Culture of Latin America (when content Mexican American)

SOCW 6315: Social Work with Diverse Populations

SOCW 6332: Social Work Practice with Latinos

SOCW 6399: Special Topics: Latino Mental Health

SPAN 6312: Language in Policy and Planning

SPAN 6318: Special Topics in Spanish Linguistics: Mexican American Language Experience

SPAN 6380: Latina/o Literature before 1960

SPAN 6381: Latina/o Contemporary Writers

SPAN 6382: US/Mexico Border Literary & Cultural Productions

SPAN 6383: Special Studies in Latina/o Literature

SPAN 6384: Introduction to Latina/o Linguistics

SPAN 6385: Bilingualism and Language Contact in the U.S.