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MAS Scholars and Artists


College of Arts and Humanities
1.Alessandri, Mariana – Philosophy (
Continental, Existentialism, Spanish-language Philosophy
2.Alvarez, Stephanie – Modern Languages and Literatures (
Spanglish and Transcultural Identity, Latin@ Literature and Cultural Studies, Critical Latina@ Spanish Language Pedagogy.
3.Bradley, Robert– Art History (
Pre-Columbian Architecture
4.Cole, Debbie – English (
Multilingualism and Cultural diversity, Language Attitudes and Accents, Border Linguistics
5.Coronado, Juan–History (
6.Cortina, Guadalupe – Modern Languages and Literatures (
Latina/o representation in the Media, Latin American Literature by Women, Border Literature, Chicana/Latina Writers, Contemporary Mexican Narrative
7.Cummins, Amy-English (
English Education, Children's and Young Adult Literature
8.De La Trinidad, Maritza– History (
9.De Souza, Roberto– Art History (
Art and Politics in Latin America, History of Photography, U.S. Latina/o Art
10.Guerra, Petra – Communication (
Sex Education in the schools; Effects of increased awareness about advertisements for alcohol, Sexual Health Representations in Spanish Language Media
11.Hernández, Sonia – History (
U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, Chicana/o history, Intersections of Gender and Labor, Historical memory, and Modern Mexico.
12.Johnson, Robert – English (
Mexican American Writers
13.Levinson, Irving – History (
U.S- Mexican Relations and Modern Mexico
14.Loera, Francisco – Music (
Latin American Music, Mariachi / Mexican Folk Music
15.Martínez, Glenn – Modern Languages and Literatures (
Heritage Language Pedagogy, Spanish Sociolinguistics, Language and Healthcare
16.McMahon, Marci – English (
Chicana/Latino Literature, Theater, and Performance, Gender Studies, U.S. Multiethnic Literature, Cultural Studies, and American Studies.
17.Moreira, Robert–English (
18.Ochoa, Edna – Modern Languages and Literatures (
Chicana/o Literature, Creative Writing, Latin American Literature
19.Paccacerqua, Cynthia – Philosophy (
Chicana and Latin American Feminist Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy
20.Pastrano, Guillermo – History (
Borderlands, Mexican American Labor and Immigration
21.Pérez, Laura Emmy – English (
Contemporary poetry, Creative writing, Chicana/o literature, Cross-genre writing, U.S. multi-ethnic literature, Service learning.
22.Platt, Kamala – English (
Environmental & Borderland Literature
23.Ragland, Catherine – Music (
Music and Migration, Deejay Culture, Globalization and Transnational Networks
24.Skinner, Jose – English (
Creative Writing, English/Spanish translation and interpretation.
25.Stehn, Alexander – Philosophy (
American & Latin American Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion
26.Trott, Adriel – Philosophy (
Ancient Greek, Political Philosophy, Feminism, Border Philosophy
27.Wallace, Ned – History (
Río Grande Valley History and Activism

College of Social and Behavioral Science 1.Alfaro, Edna – Psychology (
Latino Adolescents and Families, Academic Resilience, Gender, Culture
2.Bustamante, Juan José – Sociology (
Postmigration Experience, Gender and Family, Globalized Families, Cultural Transnational Social Reproduction.
3.Díaz, Barriga Miguel – Sociology (
Border Culture, Environment and Immigration Policy.
4.Dorsey, Margaret – Anthropology (
Immigration, Language and Culture, Border Studies, Transnationalism, Feminism, Expressive Culture, Ethnomusicology, Ethnicity, the Americas, Mexicanas/os.
5.García, Jesse – Sociology (
Race and Ethnicity and Combination of Culture, Immigration, Theory, Latino Studies and Borderland Issues
6.Graham, Peg – Anthropology (
Applied Anthropology, Culture, Health, and Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health, Aging, Latin America, U.S. Latinos, U.S. Mexico Border
7.Guerra, Ramon – Sociology (
Interethnic Relations, Ethics Groups, Ethnomedical Practices of Latinos
8.Hinojosa, Servando – Anthropology (
Chicana/o Culture, Medical Anthropology, Midwifery, Ethnobotany, Bonesetting, Embodiment.
9.Lavariega, Monforti, Jessica – Political Science (
Politics of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Immigration, Latina/o Politics, Public Opinion & Urban Politics.
10.Pozorski, Sheila -Anthropology (
Development of Complex Societies, Archaeological Ethnobotany and Ethnozoology, Prehistoric Agriculture.
11.Pozorski, Tom - Anthropology (
New World Archaeology, South American Culture.
12.Resendiz, Rosalva – Criminal Justice (
Criminology & Criminal Justice, Mexican American/Border Studies, Race/Class/Gender, Social Theory, Women’s Studies, Rio Grande Valley Social Problems and Crimes
13.Rogers, Darrin – Psychology (
Sexual Deviance in Border and Minority Communities, Cultural Variables and Resiliency.
14.Saavedra Cisneros, Angel –Political Science (
Political Psychology, Methodology, Political Economy
SBSC 228
15.Weimer, Amy-Psychology (
- Theory of mind development, emotion understanding in children, and cultural factors that affect social cognitive development.
College of Education
16.Diaz, Zulmaris-Curriculum and Instruction ( )
17.Esquierdo, Joy – Bilingual Education (
Bilingual and ESL Education, Educational Leadership.
18.Gonzalez, Irasema – Curriculum and Instruction (
19.Guadarrama, Irma – Department of Curriculum and Instruction (
Service Learning, Bilingual Education.
20.Guajardo, Francisco – Educational Leadership (
Curriculum Development, Community Leadership, Youth Community Leadership, Latino Epistemologies, Latino Education, Rural Education, College Access, Leadership in the Arts.
21.Menchaca, Velma – Educational Leadership (
Multicultural Education, Sociocultural Issues, Culturally relevant content, Curriculum Development.
22.Milk, Christopher–Curriculum and Instruction (
23.Murillo, Luz - Department of Curriculum and Instruction (
Transnational Migration, Literacy in a Mexican community.
24.Reyes, Maria Elena-Curriculum and Instruction ( )

Health Sciences and Human Services 1.Arizmendi, Lydia – Social Work (
Health Care Among Rural Mexican Americans, Neighboring and Community Organizing in Colonias, Mexican American Women Activists in the Rio Grande
2.Barrera, Iran – Social Work (
Mental Health Disparities in Latino Communities, Cultural Competent Practices
3.Díaz, Hector – Social Work (
Social Development, Poverty, Social Policy, and Diversity.
4.Nieto, Beatriz – Nursing (
Narratives of Facing Personal Mortality in the Breast Cancer Experience of Mexican American Women
5.Ramírez, Noe –Social Work (
Rural Development and Planning, Latino Social Services, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Counseling, and Clinical Supervision in Psychiatric Settings, Mexican American Culture and Activism
6.Shirley, Rombough – Social Work (
Latinas in Politics, Nutrition in the Rio Grande Valley, Health Care Disparities in the Rio Grande Valley
7.Scoggin, Angela – Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, and Pharmacy (
Mexican American Elders’ Perspectives on Education

College of Business Administration
1.Dávila, Alberto – Economics (
Economics of the U.S.-Mexico Border, the Economics of Immigration, and Hispanic Labor Markets.
2.Mora, Marie – Economics (
Labor economics, Hispanic Labor-Market outcomes and the Economics of the U.S.-Mexico Border.