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MAS Curriculum

The MAS Curriculum and resources on this page have been developed by High School teachers in the Rio Grande Valley; they are from a series of workshops among University of Texas-Pan American, University of Texas-Brownsville, and South Texas College faculty with High School teachers within Region One to discuss the implementation of Mexican American Studies Courses in the High Schools across the disciplines with Social Studies, English, and Fine Arts. This site will host suggested curriculum materials and resources for Mexican American Studies (History), Mexican American Literature (Humanities), and Mexican American Fine Arts course at the High School level. The coalition of high school teachers and faculty who have developed this curriculum welcome revisions, suggestions, and additional resources so that we may share with teachers invested and interested in incorporating Mexican American Studies content in their courses. ​
The contents of the curriculum and the opinions therein do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Mexican American Studies Center or The University of Texas, Pan American.

 MAS Lesson Plans 

MAS 1st six week
MAS 2nd six weeks
MAS 3rd six weeks
MAS 4th six weeks
MAS 5th six weeks
MAS 6th six weeks

MAS Curriculum Resources

Mexican Revolution Propaganda
Citation Style
Mexican-Americans and World War II
Nepantla Olga
Educator Guide: Revolutinary Leaders
Zoot Suit Riots
Teaching Primary and Secondary Sources
The Rise of The United Farm Workers Union
Thesis Statements
A Nation of Immigrants
Chicago Style Citation