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MAS graduated its first two students with the "Mexican American Studies" degree in Summer 2011. Roberto Reyna is currently earning a Master's Degree in Mexican American Studies at San José State University with a focus on Policy. Anna Muñoz is at the University of Michigan pursuing a Master's Degree in Educational Studies with a concentration in Policy and Leadership. Both students spent their Spring semester studying abroad in Argentina. ¡Muchas felicidades, estamos muy orgullosos de l@s dos!

Congratulations to Orquidea Morales, MAIS (Spanish Concentration) and Mexican American Studies Graduate Certificate Student on her recent publication, "Chicana Feminism and Horror: Fear La Llorona," in the Utah Foreign Language Review. Orquidea will be attending the University of Michigan on a scholarship to pursue a PhD in American Studies.

Congratulations to Anna Munoz, a recent Mexican American Studies graduate who received a $30,000 scholarship to pursue an M.A. in Educational Studies at the University of Michigan.

In other news: Tatcho Mindioala, Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies, was the first speaker of the Diálogos: (Re)Envisioning MAS at UTPA Series in October Other confirmed speakers include; January - Marcos Pizarro, Director of Mexican American Studies at San José State University, March-Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, Director of the Center for Latino Policy and Research at UC Berkeley, and May - Aída Hurtado, Luis Leal Endowed Chair of Chican@ Studies at UC Santa Barbara.