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Welcome to Mexican American Studies

The mission of MAS @ UTPA is to recognize, validate, and engage with students, faculty, and Mexican American, Chican@ and Latin@ communities as agents of conocimiento and knowledge. Our position en la frontera requires and enables MAS to have a simultaneous local and hemispheric concentration. This unique transcultural context shapes academic and public conversations regionally, nationally and globally. Our place-based pedagogies and transdisciplinary methods provide a holistic approach to the study of complex and dynamic Mexican American experiences. MAS cultivates transformative experiences, spaces, and relationships. We prepare students to critically investigate community knowledge and socio-political, economic, cultural, and artistic conditions of and contributions by Mexican Americans, Chican@s and Latin@s. Students develop the skills to engage in self-discovery and to communicate their conocimientos to produce salient applied research to effect positive social change in their comunidades.

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Alumni Corner

Roberto Reyna, Class of 2011

Roberto Reyna

As a current M.A. Mexican American Studies Candidate scheduled to graduate in December 2012, it seems that my current position in life happened with a blink of an eye. The struggle of getting to where I am at did not come without great personal and intellectual growth that began during my undergraduate years within the UTPA MAS Program. The rigorous San José State University MAS program has not only enhanced my critical thinking skills, but also to consider alternative transformative pedagogies that seek social justice for our future generations. Continuously shaping my work/research within the MAS program to accommodate my primary focus, migrant farmworkers and educational attainment, reminds me of my desire to share the knowledge gained in order to provide opportunities within the community. As my stay in San José comes to a near end, the reality of being able to actually return home and work with the community I grew up in brings a reward that is simply heartwarming. I have yet to solidify my plans for the future, but do know that wherever an opportunity to provide support for migrant farmworkers exists, I hope to be there.

Student Spotlight

Iliana Vasquez, Class of 2013

Iliana Vásquez is a Spring 2013 graduate and will pursue a M.A. in MAS at UT Austin in Fall 2013.

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Mexican American Studies Club

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MASC general meetings are Thursdays from 12 to 1 in the 3rd floor of the COAS building room 310! Feel free to stop by!

Rio Bravo
Journal of Borderlands

Río Bravo Journal is a peer reviewed journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on the borderlands between the United States and Mexico. This goal includes the promotion of the development of a better international understanding, to help in the design and implementation of further research and new discoveries concerning the relations between the United States and México, to serve as a model for such investigations along the Rio Grande and to shed light on borderlands studies in general.

Featured Faculty

Featured Faculty

Dr. Marci R. McMahon

MAS Graduate Studies Director and Assistant Professor of English

"Congratulations to Dr. Marci McMahon on her recently published book, Domestic Negotiations: Gender, Nation, and Self-Fashioning in US Mexicana and Chicana Literature and Art and her selection as a UT Board of Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award recipient" Domestic Negotiations is availalable via & Dr. McMahon's research interests include: Chicana/Latino Literature and Cultural Studies; Latina/o Theatre and Performance; U.S. Multiethnic Literature; Gender Studies, American Studies.


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MAS graduated its largest class of students ever this Spring 2013. Congratulations to Merari Arredondo, Paulo García, Lucero Martínez, Norma Pérez, Alexandra Rangel, Daniel Salinas, and Iliana Vásquez.

Honoring Anzaldúa

Gloria Anzaldu

MAS at UTPA is committed to honoring the legacy of UTPA alumna Gloria Anzaldúa.