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April 17th-18th, 2013
The Clothesline Project: Stop Violence Against Women!
Hosted by the Gender and Women's Studies Program
Share your story by using words and/or artwork to decorate a T Shirt for The Clothesline Project. Help build awareness about violence against women.
For more information, and special accommodations, email or call (956) 457 3083.


Beginning in Fall 2008, the Philosophy Program at the University of Texas, Pan American inaugurated a lecture series entitled the Anzaldúa Speakers Series in Philosophy. This series focuses on bringing to campus up and coming, young and talented philosophers in an effort to encourage a conversation among students and faculty across disciplines and colleges and with the community.

We secured the rights to Gloria Anzaldúa’s name, our most famous graduate who worked in the field of philosophy, in order to raise the profile of our series. Gloria E. Anzaldúa was an early contributor to studies on intersectionality: the consideration of the cross-section of race, ethnicity, gender and / or sexuality.

She introduced the term, mestizaje, into academic discourse, a term meaning beyond binary oppositions (for example, Texas American and Mexican). She argued against the discrimination of border or hybrid cultural identity. To be in the border of or in between two cultures and languages is an authentic and proud place to be.
Anzaldúa broke ground in the effort to conceptualize the Chicana woman’s experience, she wove together her academic work and her activism, and her work was truly interdisciplinary. We are particularly excited to attract to campus scholars whose work put theoretical analysis to work on contemporary political issues, gender, queer theory and border issues, much in the vein of Gloria Anzaldúa herself.