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Dr. Linda BelauDr. Linda Belau, Director of Film Studies
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The Minor in Film Studies offers students the opportunity for interdisciplinary preparation in film analysis.  The focus of the Film Studies minor is analytical, with specific focus on the appreciation of film as an aesthetic and fictive medium.  With its focused program centered on the analysis of film narrative, Film Studies has become an important interdisciplinary field of study, particularly because courses in film analysis allow students the chance to develop excellent critical thinking skills, an enhanced appreciation of artistic form, and a broad understanding of our global context.  Through courses taught in several different departments across the University, the Film Studies minor at UTPA provides a strong background in film analysis while also providing a unique chance for students to immerse themselves in an increasingly popular academic subject: Film.

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The Minor in Film Studies requires 18 hours:

12 Hours of Core Requirements
FILM/ENG 3315 Introduction to Film Studies
FILM/COMM 3325 History and Significance of the Motion Picture
FILM/ENG 4313 Topics in International Film .  OR . FILM/ENG 4390 Special Topics in Film
FILM/ENG 4317 Film Theory

6 Hours of Electives (choose any two for 6 credits)
FILM/ENG 3316 Literature and Film Adaptation
FILM/ENG 4313 Topics in International Film
FILM/ENG 4390 Special Topics in Film
FILM/COMM 3326 American Film Genre
FILM/PHIL 3331 Philosophy of Film
FILM/POLS 3301 Movies and Politics
FILM/HIST 4357 History of Mexican Cinema

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