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Cosecha Voices Documentary

Through this documentary the film makers, Silvia Solis and Jay Garcia, intend to have the audience be present as the students of the first Cosecha Voices class (Fall 2007) tell their stories, have the audience feel every single emotion; the anger, happiness, excitement, love that was being uttered by the students. This documentary is more than a testimony of migrant college students and the hardship and successes they have encountered throughout their educational and personal journeys it intends to give their voice a space to be heard, to make sure that each one of the students is not just an anecdote. Moreover, it demonstrates how an educational setting can be created in which academics, self-discovery, and the possibility for empowerment can come together. Through the visual and audio chosen for this documentary as filmmakers, not storytellers, they have made the students the forefront of the documentary making it their vision, their voice, their lives the only one being told to the audience.