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Hauser Communication Research Lab

The Hauser Communication Research Lab, located in Room 172 of the Arts and Humanities Building, is committed to enhancing the oral communication skills of students, faculty, and staff via one-on-one work with trained speech coaches. The speech coaches can help students develop research strategies, organize and refine ideas, and deliver articulate and eloquent presentations.

Additionally, students and faculty can use the lab facility to conduct research using our high-tech observation room. The lab is equipped with two remote controlled cameras and six ceiling microphones that have the ability to capture naturally occurring conversations. The lab also has an observation room, which includes recording equipment and computers. Faculty and students of all disciplines are welcome to conduct different types of research in the lab.

At the Hauser Communication Research Lab, you can:

  • Practice a presentation
  • Reduce stage fright
  • Get constructive criticism
  • Receive a digitally recorded copy of your presentation on DVD or USB
  • Conduct research using our observation equipment

Presenter performing

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