About the College

The College of Arts and Humanities is one of the seven Colleges of the University of Texas-Pan American. It is composed of six departments: Art, Communication, English, History & Philosophy, Modern Languages & Literature, and Music & Dance. The faculty in these areas are outstanding professors and scholars.


Art is a complex conversation between an individual’s perspective with regard to the world and time they live in. The purpose of any Art Department is to develop the individual’s perspective and the manner in which they visually communicate in. This can take the form of sculpture, painting, photography, design, as well as research and scholarship. The Art Department at UTPA is a creative research based department embracing state of the art digital technologies as well as our tradition of the hand. When students graduate in their given field they are prepared to enter the professional avenues available to visual arts such as: Animators, Artists, Curators, Photographers, designers of websites, publications, and new genres such as game platform design and virtual modeling. We encourage you, the creatively bold, to come explore the UTPA Art Department and pursue your dreams and aspirations. Always remember the reality of doing nothing. Nothing happens.


The primary aim of Department of Communication is to advance the discovery and application of humanistic, behavioral and linguistic knowledge of human symbolic interaction. As such, communication is examined in its various forms, verbal/nonverbal; in its media occurrence such as conference, platform, theatre, print, radio, film, television; in its inter- personal/organizational environments; in its cultural contexts; and in its influence on the course and quality of public policy and societal change.

Broad career areas in communication disciplines include international communication; sales and marketing; public relations and advertising; training and organizational development; mass communication broadcast and print journalism; communication education/instruction; electronic educational materials; government, politics-religious-social services; educational theatre; community theatre; design and directing; acting; arts management; and TV direction and production.


The Department of English offers a wide variety of courses for undergraduates who major or minor in English. Students can choose from courses in literary studies, critical theory, applied linguistics, creative writing, and rhetoric and composition. The department also offers degree plans in English Language Arts for students interested in becoming middle school or high school teachers.

In addition, the Department of English offers a Master of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. We also have a number of teaching assistantships and student assistantships to support the work of graduate students in our programs. Graduates of the M.A. or M.A.E.S.L. pursue careers in teaching or advanced doctoral graduate work in English or Applied Linguistics. Graduates of the M.F.A. pursue careers as writers, editors, teachers, and other careers relating to creative writing.


History Program: The Department offers undergraduate majors in History and Social Studies Composite, as well as a minor in history. In addition, it offers courses for students seeking a second teaching field for teacher certification. On the graduate level, the Department offers a Master of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in History. Students majoring or minoring in history may become teachers or seek employment in business or government. History is an excellent background for those who wish later to go to law school or enter journalism. The Department of History and Philosophy, in conjunction with the Departments of Modern Languages and Literature, Sociology, and Social Work, also offers a BA degree in Latin American Studies.

Philosophy Program: The Department of History and Philosophy offers a major in Philosophy within the Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a minor in Philosophy. The Study of Philosophy can serve many useful purposes. A major in philosophy would provide strong preparation for a variety of careers, particularly in business, law, public policy, and the ministry, as well as college teaching. A minor in philosophy would provide excellent support for majors in numerous fields, particularly history, government, English, psychology, sociology, math and certain areas in science and business administration.


The Department of Modern Languages and Literature consists of the subject areas of Spanish, French and German. A major leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree is offered in Spanish and French, and a minor is offered in Spanish and French. Beginning courses are offered in German and Chinese. Teacher Certification plans in Spanish and in French are available at both the elementary and/or secondary levels. The Department also offers a graduate program with a major in Spanish leading to the Master of Arts degree.


The Department of Music offers a major within the Bachelor of Arts degree and minors in Applied Music and in Teacher Certification. In addition, it offers teaching fields for majors in both secondary and all-level Music Teacher Certification. All students majoring in music, in addition to taking courses in general education, theory, and literature of music, pursue excellence in performance in their areas of major interest. Instruction is offered in voice, guitar, piano and all of the instruments of the band and orchestra.

Graduate music courses are offered leading to the Master of Music or the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a concentration in Music (MIAS-Music).